Family’s Dream Home Turns Into Nightmare: Allegations of Cheating, Fraud, and Threats

In a shocking turn of events, a Mumbai family’s quest for a new home has transformed into a distressing ordeal filled with allegations of cheating, fraud, and threats. Mr. Wasim Bashir Shaikh, a law-abiding citizen and a garments manufacturer, is at the center of this harrowing tale. His attempt to purchase a flat in Orchid Enclave, Bellasis Road, Mumbai Central, has taken an unexpected and distressing turn, leaving his family in turmoil.

The story begins with Mr. Wasim Bashir Shaikh’s acquaintance with Dr. Ajaz Ahmad Shakir Ali Khan, a local dentist, and his wife, Dr. Sabina Ajaz Ahmad Khan. The Shaikh family had been visiting Dr. Khan’s dental clinic for treatments over the past two years, which led to a casual discussion about the sale of the Khans’ flat. Dr. Ajaz Ahmad Shakir Ali Khan and Dr. Sabina Ajaz Ahmad Khan expressed interest in selling the flat to finance the expansion of his dental practice in Uttar Pradesh. Coincidentally, Mr. Wasim Bashir Shaikh was looking for a larger home to accommodate his growing family and the upcoming marriage of his son, making this an ideal opportunity for both parties.

A verbal agreement was reached between Mr. Wasim Bashir Shaikh and the Khans, with the flat’s sale price set at Rs. 3.85 Crore. Given that Mr. Wasim Bashir Shaikh did not have the full amount readily available due to another property sale in progress, he requested an installment payment plan, to which the Khans agreed. An initial token payment was made, and a plan to pay the balance within six months was established.

The situation took a turn when Mr. Wasim Bashir Shaikh had to vacate his previous flat to accommodate his brother. He sought temporary residence in the flat he intended to purchase, which was still occupied by Dr. Ajaz Ahmad Shakir Ali Khan and Dr. Sabina Ajaz Ahmad Khan. They agreed to let him stay but insisted on formalizing the arrangement with a legal document. Since the full sale amount hadn’t been paid yet, they decided to execute a series of leave and license agreements. These documents served to acknowledge the transaction and allowed Mr. Wasim Bashir Shaikh to take possession of the flat.

As part of the agreement, the consideration amount paid by Mr. Wasim Bashir Shaikh was characterized as an interest-free refundable security deposit. This arrangement appeared reasonable, given that he had complete trust in Dr. Ajaz Ahmad Shakir Ali Khan and Dr. Sabina Ajaz Ahmad Khan.

Six months later, Mr. Wasim Bashir Shaikh expressed his readiness to fulfill the remaining payment and execute the sale agreement, as initially planned. However, the Khans requested more time due to Dr. Khan’s commitments in Lucknow related to setting up a new dental clinic and nursing home.

Trusting the Khans’ intentions, Mr. Wasim Bashir Shaikh continued to wait. Months passed, and his requests to complete the sale agreement were met with evasive responses and delays. As time went on, the family’s trust in the Khans began to erode.

The situation escalated when Mr. Wasim Bashir Shaikh started receiving notices and correspondence from advocates and law firms representing a bank named M/s. SMFG India Credit Co. Ltd. (formerly Fullerton India Credit Co. Ltd.) regarding pending loan amounts of Rs. 25,87,937 in the names of the Khans. The family sought reassurance from the Khans, who claimed that these were personal loans and that Mr. Wasim Bashir Shaikh need not be concerned.

However, the situation worsened as bank recovery agents began visiting the Shaikh residence, inquiring about the Khans’ whereabouts and their loans. To provide updates to the agents, Mr. Wasim Bashir Shaikh was compelled to share his contact information, resulting in direct calls from banks for loan repayments.

To Mr. Wasim Bashir Shaikh’s shock, he discovered that the flat he was residing in and intended to purchase had been mortgaged and hypothecated to PNB Housing Finance Company for a staggering housing loan of Rs. 5,71,03,775.

When Mr. Wasim Bashir Shaikh confronted the Khans with this revelation, they initially feigned ignorance but eventually assured him that they would take care of the loan repayment. They even executed an undertaking, dated 27th October 2022, vowing to be exclusively responsible for repaying the loan and the associated EMIs. They promised to execute the sale agreement as soon as the loan was cleared.

As Mr. Wasim Bashir Shaikh delved deeper into the situation, he uncovered alarming details. The Khans had not only deceived him with false assurances but had also taken multiple loans from various banks and financial institutions, often using their personal assets as collateral. The flat Mr. Wasim Bashir Shaikh was residing in had been mortgaged without his knowledge.

Despite his persistent requests and reminders, the Khans failed to clear the outstanding bank loan. Instead, they began defaulting on EMIs, indicating their intentions not to repay the bank. They also showed no signs of returning Mr. Wasim Bashir Shaikh’s interest-free refundable security deposit.

As the situation worsened, Dr. Ajaz Ahmad Shakir Ali Khan and Dr. Sabina Ajaz Ahmad Khan resorted to threatening and blackmailing Mr. Wasim Bashir Shaikh, targeting his family, including his college-going daughter and newlywed son. The threats and pressure have left Mr. Wasim Bashir Shaikh and his family living in constant fear, unable to carry out their daily activities peacefully.

It’s become evident that Dr. Ajaz Ahmad Shakir Ali Khan and Dr. Sabina Ajaz Ahmad Khan believe themselves to be well-connected and powerful, with the means to evade the law and resort to any lengths to protect their interests.

In light of these allegations, Mr. Wasim Bashir Shaikh has filed a complaint with the Nagpada Police Station, requesting the registration of an FIR against Dr. Ajaz Ahmad Shakir Ali Khan and Dr. Sabina Ajaz Ahmad Khan. The allegations include cheating, fraud, criminal intimidation, threats, conspiracy, common intention to cheat, and the mental trauma caused. Mr. Wasim Bashir Shaikh seeks justice and protection for his family’s well-being.

This shocking turn of events serves as a cautionary tale, emphasizing the importance of diligence and due process in property transactions and the potential consequences of misplaced trust. The investigation into this case will shed light on the alleged wrongdoings and the extent to which Dr. Ajaz Ahmad Shakir Ali Khan and Dr. Sabina Ajaz Ahmad Khan may have exploited their influence and connections.