Shaping Young Minds: homeClass Webinar Empowers Students with Insights from Industry Leaders

In it’s relentless pursuit of educational excellence, homeClass is set to illuminate the aspirations of young minds with its upcoming webinar, “Shaping Young Minds.” Scheduled for the 10th of February 2024 at 11 am IST, this virtual symposium promises to be an enlightening journey for middle and high school students seeking direction and inspiration in their academic and professional pursuits.

The webinar boasts an impressive lineup of speakers, each a luminary in their respective fields, poised to impart wisdom and insight to the eager minds of tomorrow. Among them is Brigadier Jayant Tiwari, Shaurya Chakra awardee and a stalwart leader with over four decades of combat leadership excellence in the Indian Military. With tales of valor and resilience, Brigadier Tiwari’s presence is sure to ignite a spark of courage and determination in the hearts of young listeners.

Joining the discourse is Dr. Neeta Mhatre, the visionary founder of ReachOut and a passionate advocate for emotional well-being and inclusivity. With her extensive experience as a psychotherapist and international trainer, Dr. Mhatre brings a wealth of knowledge on personal growth and self-discovery, inspiring students to embrace their authentic selves fearlessly.

Rounding off the panel is Ms. Nitina Dua, Head of the Career Guidance Centre at Shiv Nadar School, Noida. With her expertise in career counseling and educational leadership, Nitina creates a nurturing environment for students to explore their interests and aspirations, empowering them to make informed decisions about their future.

Guiding the discussion is Mr. Ashwini Kapila, MD of Business Development at GetSetUp and a seasoned professional with a distinguished career in the finance industry. As the host of the webinar, Ashwini’s strategic insights and industry acumen will provide students with valuable perspectives on career development and goal-setting.

In anticipation of the event, parents, educators, and students alike are eager to glean insights from these esteemed speakers, recognizing the importance of holistic education in shaping well-rounded individuals poised for success in the dynamic landscape of the 21st century.

Reflecting on the significance of the webinar, a parent Ms. Rashmi Mehta, a webinar participant remarked, “homeClass continues to exceed expectations with their insightful webinars, providing invaluable guidance to students at every step of their educational journey.” Similarly, an educator Dr. Ashim Neogi, from a partner institution lauded homeClass’s commitment to holistic education, stating, “The diverse range of speakers and topics covered by homeClass reflects their dedication to empowering young minds.”

As the world evolves and new challenges emerge, homeClass remains steadfast in its mission to nurture the next generation of leaders, innovators, and changemakers. Through initiatives like “Shaping Young Minds,” homeClass continues to inspire young learners to dream big, explore their passions, and chart their course towards a brighter future.

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