This TECHNOLOGY has come for the first time in India. Its name is ALTRIVE MICRO TECHNOLOGY. And the name of this thing is SOCKSFEED WITH ALTRIVE MICRO TECHNOLOGY.

First let us know that ALTRIVE MICRO TECHNOLOGY. What is it??

This is such a hidden TECHNOLOGY that it affects anything very internally. i.e. ALTRIVE MICRO. This kind of TECHNOLOGY is currently working on only one thing in India. And the name of that PRODUCT is SOCKSFEED.

Now let us know how ALTRIVE MICRO TECHNOLOGY works.

ALTRIVE MICRO TECHNOLOGY works in a very extreme way and it also works in a subtle way that humans do not even feel any kind of sensation.

For example: If a person is given fever medicine or an injection, that person gets a feeling or experience of the medicine or injection, but with the use of ALTRIVE MICRO TECHNOLOGY, there is


SOCKSFEED is a new method product which was introduced in India recently.

SOCKSFEED is the name of the product and ALTRIVE MICRO is the name of the TECHNOLOGY.

SOCKSFEED has received a license to deal with counterfeit products in the market, license number: PRC:12-71/REMF*20$.

SOCKSFEED can be used on which part of the body?

SOCKSFEED can be used on the sole of the foot only.

SOCKSFEED is first put into the socks and then the socks are worn on the feet and doing the daily activities you don’t even feel that you have SOCKSFEED on your feet. So the SOCKSFEED will continue its internal work and you will do your work, you will not feel any pain, vibration, current and you will definitely get good results in 90 days.

So far in India there are more than 50000+ (Fifty Thousand) people who consume SOCKSFEED. And as per last opinion result of SOCKSFEED is 98%.

Currently 75% women and 25% men consume in India.

75% of women under 21 years of age consume 9%.

Out of 25% of men, 11% of men under 21 years of age consume.

Now let’s know what % of SOCKSFEED is consumed in different states of India.

Kerala = 15% SOCKSFEED consumption.

Karnataka = 16% consumption of SOCKSFEED.

Gujarat = 7% consumption of SOCKSFEED.

Maharashtra = 11% consumption of SOCKSFEED.

Delhi = 13% consumption of SOCKSFEED.

Andhra Pradesh = 20% consumption of SOCKSFEED.

Tamil Nadu = 16% consumption of SOCKSFEED.

West Bengal = 2% consumption of SOCKSFEED.

How can SOCKSFEED prove beneficial?

Anyone who has minor or major foot ailments can use this SOCKSFEED to prevent any foot ailments in the future.

Prevents toe pain.

Prevents leg pain. Removes loose skin from feet.

Relieves heel pain.

Blood circulates regularly in the legs.

Prevents minor and major diseases related to feet.

Also useful for better sleep.

A new strength and energy comes when using SOCKSFEED.

Brain also gets rest.

Prevents wear and tear of the soles of the feet.

 Helps in keeping the feet in a proper shape.

Removes about 18 minor diseases related to feet.


SOCKSFEED is used only for 90 days to get good results.

(Often good results are obtained in very short time)


Note: SOCKSFEED does not cause any side effects.

Note: SOCKSFEED will not cause any kind of vibration, pain, current, sensation or feeling that it is working but it will definitely work.

What types of socks can SOCKSFEED be used with?

SOCKSFEED can be used with every type of socks available in the market.

In which season SOCKSFEED can be used?

Consumption of SOCKSFEED is suitable in every season.

How is SOCKSFEED charged?

SOCKSFEED gets fully charged in just 15-20 minutes after 3-4 days of usage. A magnetic wire is used to charge the SOCKSFEED which can be charged very conveniently.

Note: When SOCKSFEED is charging, there will be no light or power, after 15-20 minutes of charging, it has to be released from charge.

Before using SOCKSFEED, feet should be washed with water and allowed to dry.

As your foot ailments go away, the colour of SOCKSFEED will turn darker black so you can see the results as well.

SOCKSFEED WITH ALTRIVE MICRO TECHNOLOGY will not require the medicine available in the market and will also prevent the disease.