Worried with High Heat coming through glass in Car, This new technology has a solution

October 09,2023 – As global warming blows out of proportion in summers, car owners face a growing problem – vehicle interiors transforming into red-hot ovens under the blazing sun. Car glasses aids in entering heat rays apart from insulation. Temperatures inside parked cars is projected to hit about 60°C or more, making use of more consumption of car AC. This may provide little respite, while traditional glass films merely help in effectively insulating interiors. Car owners desperately need solutions to beat the intensifying heat at affordable prices.

Responding to this need, pioneering Smart Paints & Coatings company StarShield has developed World’s first ultra-thin Nano Modified transparent coating specifically engineered to reflect heat off car windows.

Called ‘Star Heat Shield for Car Glass’, this innovative new coating leverages cutting-edge Nanotechnology to create a protective barrier that blocks up to 90% of infrared light from entering car cabins. This is a significant improvement over other window films that were not the solution, but also being banned by GOI.

Star Heat Shield uses Nanomaterial designed to form an insulating transparent layer on automotive glass without affecting visibility. This transparent coating acts like a shield against the sun’s intense infrared radiation that makes car interiors unbearably hot.

By blocking instead of absorbing heat, it keeps the interior significantly cooler. Windshields and windows treated with Star Heat Shield coating have shown a significant decrease in temperature as compared to untreated glass. It works efficiently when there is a major difference in temperature of outside and inside the car, which excites the nanomaterial to block IR rays thereby decreasing the load on AC. The wavelength of IR rays is between 700 nm to 1mm, whereas of nanomaterial is less than 100 nm, which makes it possible to control the impact of IR rays, thereby reducing ambient temperature. Thus, reducing AC load and as a result lowers fuel consumption. Check it now: https://youtu.be/VeBK56_pVcM

Supreet Singh, CEO of StarShield, explains the science behind this innovative new product: “The base layer of Star Heat Shield uses particular formulation of semiconductors at nano sizes, optimized to reflect infrared light. The nano coating ensures 99% clarity while deflecting heat-producing light waves. This combination of nanoengineering with protective coatings gives us a durable yet crystal clear formula that provides a powerful cooling effect.”

Unlike variable weather conditions, this coating is highly durable over traditional films. The adhesive property allows it to withstand changes in environment and maintains optical transparency to provide a clear field of vision even in glaring sunlight. The thin layer causes negligible visual distortion. Car owners can enjoy visibility along with protection.

Stating the problem of the hour – heat, Singh said, “Heat has been a tackling matter since ages. We wanted to contribute to cooling the earth down. With the use of nanotech, we researched this product that improve cooling and remain reliable for consumers. The product not only works wonders on car glasses, but also helps us achieve a conducive environment for living.”

Importantly, Star Heat Shield is engineered to withstand real-world wear and tear. The flexible coating bonds securely at a molecular level to form a seamless barrier that will not peel, bubble, or flake off with time and abrasion. The scratch-resistant surface retains its smooth transparency for years without dingy patches or blemishes. Also, it doesn’t require any primer coating before application. It is available as easy DIY kits with a foam applicator for easy installation. Those preferring professional help can also opt for installation services. Click here: https://youtu.be/XWUmEf7X__k

The nano-engineered coating also provides additional benefits beyond heat rejection:

– Scratch & Scrub Resistant

– Blocks harmful UV rays that damage skin and interiors

– Enhance Car Mileage

– Protects from fading

– Resists Dust, dirt and water for easy cleaning

– Reduces reliance on air-conditioning, saving fuel

– Reduces load on engine in traffic by lowering AC use

– Long durability saves repeat application costs having life more than 10 years

– Tough coating that doesn’t get damage with regular glass scroll

– Higher coverage area

– DIY kit for easy application

– ROI in few months

For Singh, launching Star Heat Shield in India is about innovating for the future: “Our research will continue for as long as we can develop sustainable products that benefit consumers. Our aim is to produce intelligent coatings and paints that help people cope with rising temperatures, while reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.”

Clients globally have shown interest in StarShield other products in use. Along with Star Heat Shield, StarShield has also launched energy-saving insulating paints to help people cope with extreme heat in homes and commercial buildings/industries. Their portfolio includes over 100 specialized coatings harnessing next-gen technology for function, protection, and sustainability.

About StarShield:

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