AirOK Technologies Sheds Light on Indoor Air Pollution’s Silent Threat: Protecting Our Lungs Amid Rising Pollution Levels

AirOK as a scientific approach-driven company never misses its chance to analyse the reasons behind indoor air pollution, which is the need of the hour with alarming pollution levels. Unlike many players in the market, AirOK focuses on service along with product installations. By witnessing our customers use filters, it was dreadful to see the amount of duct accumulated around the filter and the kind of particles indoor spaces contain, which made us relate, to what customers’ lungs might have gone through without these filters in indoor spaces. In this season of Air Pollution. let’s talk about the organ that is in real and serious trouble because of this and how we can take care of it. 

Our Nose or upper respiratory tracks can filter coarse particles (>PM10). Still, the real troublemakers are fine particles (≤PM2.5), to make you understand better these are the particles invisible but we can relate them to microparticles we see during early morning sun ray beams, as there is no natural mechanism to trap these particles they end up reaching our alveolar sacs (The alveoli are where the lungs and the blood exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide during the process of breathing in and breathing out). Pollutants entering this zone can cause serious inflammation (inflammation is a condition in which a part of the body becomes red, sore, and swollen because of infection or injury). Poor indoor air quality can contain a lot of pollutants such as PM2.5, VOCs, etc. along with chronic effects that cause respiratory issues, dust allergies, and asthma. Few studies have proven increase the risk of infection, headaches, and productivity loss. 

Just imagine how much our sensitive lungs go through in all this chaos of Air pollution and still help us to breathe, aren’t we kind enough to safeguard them and take necessary precautions?

Every time you breathe, you exhale some 25 sextillions (that’s 2.5 × 1022) molecules of oxygen, and how many are aware of how much pollution in 25 sextillions we intake? As health-conscious individuals these invisible impactful particles need much more attention than usual. The proven scientific approach is the only logical solution to address this issue because indoor air quality is fundamental for a healthy lifestyle and we all as a family spend time indoors and breathe indoor air. To maintain excellent indoor air quality, have a regular cleaning and change of filters at regular intervals. AirOK being service-oriented offers free filter replacement service at regular intervals without fail.