Ways to convert opinions in a meeting

The opinions of the different participants in a meeting can be gauged in a variety of ways. It all depends on what is being talked about. Specific questions that need to be answered, such as “How do you feel about this idea?” or “What do you think of this proposed strategy?”, will have specific responses. The presenters may prefer a written form of opinion.

there are many ways to convert opinions in a meeting. One great technique is to have an expert present their opinion on the matter. The expert will often provide evidence to support their position, which can help sway people’s minds in the right direction. Another strategy is to use empathy statements like “I can understand where you’re coming from.” It’s important not to interrupt when someone has their say but give them time for their opinion to sink in before giving your own point of view or jumping into action.

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When you need to win an argument, it’s important to know what people think and believe. To do this, you’ll need to listen carefully and speak with authority. You can do this by getting straight to the point during your presentation and avoiding long-winded arguments.


opinions are an important part of many meetings. It is vital to convert opinions in order to make it easier for the meeting to progress. One way to convert opinions is by adding a point-of-view that was not proposed originally. This leaves participants who hold this opinion with evidence that their opinion is actually correct. This can be done by asking questions about what you believe the main points of the opinion are and then asking if they agree or disagree with those points.

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How can you convert opinions into action? Here are the tips based on the blog title. Decide what your desired outcome is and write down steps to achieving it.No matter your role in the meeting, do not talk about personal opinions or how you feel.

The first part of this blog is about how to influence opinions in a meeting. The easiest way is to ask questions because people always feel obligated to answer the question asked by someone they perceive as an authority figure. You can also come up with questions that everyone in the meeting feels obligated to answer so they can see where their opinions are.

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