Renowned Author Vijaya Raghavan launches highly anticipated book, “Tales From the Home of Wags and Wiggles”.

Bangalore, Karnataka – 26th September – Vijaya Raghavan, a debut author, unveils his latest literary masterpiece, “Tales From the Home of Wags and Wiggles”. This exclusive gathering was
an unforgettable experience for pet lovers and avid readers alike.

This event featured a captivating evening filled with author readings, engaging discussions,
book signings, and much more. It was a fireside chat with Ms.Smita Ranjan, who anchored the
event. Mr. Vijaya Raghavan’s heartfelt connection with his beloved dog, Casper, beautifully
depicted in his book, created an extraordinary bond with his audience. They found themselves
transported into a world where the unconditional love between a pet and their human was at the forefront. This relatable narrative became a catalyst for a profound sense of community among the audience at the event. Inspired by the book’s warmth and authenticity, the gathering began to share their own heartwarming and sometimes humorous pet parent stories, forging a unique connection.

When asked about the inspiration behind the book, Mr. Vijay told us about the remarkable connection he has with Casper and how they communicate through glances, gestures, and the
unspoken language of love. He said that this connection was something too beautiful, too precious to keep to himself and wanted to express and share this love with the world. Mr. Vijay
also mentioned that this book is also about his transformation from someone who once held
indifference towards animals to becoming a passionate advocate for their rights.

Mr. Vijay then announced that the journey continues and that there is a Sequel in the works. He
invited the audience to help complete this Sequel by featuring some of their heartwarming tales
and unforgettable memories with their beloved pets. The audience was thrilled to hear the news
and promised to send him their drafts.

Debut author Mr. Vijaya Raghavan then concludes by saying “ If the world needs anything more,
it’s Empathy. If the world needs anything more, it’s Care.” He asked the audience to reflect on
this and encouraged them to stand against animal cruelty. Mr. Vijay said that he created a
platform via his book to talk about this.

This exclusive event was attended by the Honorary Consul of Spain, Ms. Surbhi Sharma, and
Mr. SV Nathan, Partner at Deloitte India, who lent their distinguished presence to the occasion.
Their gracious participation added an extra layer of prestige and significance, making it an
unforgettable gathering.

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About “Tales From the Home of Wags and Wiggles” :

The author, Vijaya Raghavan (Vijay), previously known for a regrettable incident in which he had
confronted & abused a stray dog that had attacked a child on the street, has undergone a profound transformation. He is now a passionate advocate for animal rights, actively opposing
cruelty to animals in all its forms worldwide. This transformation was catalyzed by his bond with
an adopted dog named Casper.

The book narrates a collection of short stories inspired by real-life events, focusing on the
transformative power of Casper’s unwavering love and dedication in the lives of various

Coming from a Brahmin family, Vijay follows a vegetarian lifestyle, aligning with his beliefs. In his
current professional role, he serves as the Managing Partner at ZingHR.

It is available for purchase at leading bookstores and online retailers.